Cavendish Ventures was formed with the philosophy that venture capital is a stronger driver for economic growth and that many major regions in Southeast Asia are underserved in the amount of venture capital available to fund sustainable ideas and innovative technologies.

Success is often built by a combination of innovation, capital and strong working relationships. Our belief is that by providing much needed capital to companies, and building bridges between these companies, and Asia’s established business community, we can achieve regional success in the form of strong investment returns and economic growth.

The Firm’s History

Our firm was established as an independent private subsidiary of the Artemis Fund a financial services company based in London, to source impact investment opportunities and to capitalise on arbitrage and market opportunities in the Southeast Asian region. Our collective team includes seasoned financiers, established entrepreneurs and notable private company executives with considerable experience in running and developing businesses.

Investment Focus

We are relentlessly focused on identifying great entrepreneurs building great companies at all stages. We invest across early and late-stage opportunities – from seed and early Series A and B to growth-stage companies – but always backing teams that can leverage our support to scale. We take a long-term view of investing, betting on the entrepreneurs who deeply understand their market, are passionate about their product, and are driven to win. We’re in for the marathon.

Our Scope

Cavendish seeks long-term capital growth by investing in attractively valued companies whose earnings are growing, mainly in Asia. It draws on an intricate investment process:

Flexible and active: the fund invests in small, medium-sized and large companies in Asia. But it also has the flexibility to invest up to 20% in international equities when the manager identifies compelling opportunities.

Objective clarity: the fund pays heavy emphasis to a business facts-based framework for comparing the relative attractions of each investment opportunities in different markets and sectors around the world. It also promotes against on-the-trend opportunities and focuses on business fundamentals.

Best ideas: in parallel with assessing potential new holdings, Cavendish subjects the fund’s existing holdings to constant scrutiny. By sending a clear signal when a holding’s financial situation appears to be deteriorating, it ensures only the very best ideas remain in the fund.

Our Culture

The team of Cavendish Ventures operates alongside existing management within companies to deliver results that lead to outstretched returns. At its core, Cavendish Ventures is a team of experienced executive leaders across all dimensions of business that have worked alongside each other as operators, advisors, and investors. The team has leveraged their collective experience to create a tactical strategy for driving business transformation. It is both the depth of experience and the fact that the team has operated together across numerous public and private businesses, that makes the team’s approach particularly unique. Together, the team has established, invested, and led numerous large enterprises that have generated significant investor returns. The principals have leveraged this experience to build a platform to help other operators transform and grow their businesses.

Seeking Investment?

Cavendish Ventures is actively looking for viable investment opportunities in cross industries.

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