Cavendish Investment Interests

Investment Philosophy

We at Cavendish Ventures believe that venture capital is both a driver of strong financial returns and of economic growth, and the ventures in which we have invested and the businesses that we have become involved with truly reflect this belief.

Overview of Current Investments

Cavendish Ventures is focused on early stage businesses. Typically, these businesses have a proven product, established business model, and a clear path to scalable revenues and profitability growth. The firm rarely invests at the seed level and most portfolio companies have already received at least one substantial round of funding from a top-tier venture firm. Leveraging our proven playbook, the Cavendish Ventures team typically serves as a strategic partner to these companies and their investors. The team is particularly focused on finding venture-funded businesses that have a high probability to shift into growth businesses, wherein we can add incremental value.

Current Invested Sectors

As of January 2019, Cavendish Ventures has active investments in 11 operating businesses based in 4 Asian markets from the following sectors:-

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Real Estate
  • Food & Beverage
  • Technology
  • Natural Commodities
Our investments are committed to value creation and actively changing needs of consumer and dynamic landscapes of the market. We actively manage our portfolio to ensure the growth of our businesses, using our network and resources as part of our commitment to help our portfolio companies grow their business. Our operating teams provide entrepreneurs and business managers with ongoing and necessary financial access through the entire spectrum of company building.
Our firm’s geographic and financial reach continues to grow through its strategic investments, we strongly believe that the welfare of the communities we operate amongst is of fundamental importance to our growth and sustainability.

Seeking Investment?

Cavendish Ventures is actively looking for viable investment opportunities in cross industries.

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