Our Mission & Values define the principles of our firm and describe our culture.

“Our team is looking for partners who understand our business and, just as importantly, understand our culture and dedication to greater value creation. In Cavendish Ventures, we found that through mutual partnership established through shared values, we can benefit together and make the world a much better place.”

Our Mission

  • Generate superior investment returns
  • Inspire the confidence and loyalty of our investors
  • Attract, develop and retain highly talented professionals
  • Demonstrate principled industry leadership
  • Be responsible and respected members of the global community


Ours is a culture of performance through collaboration. Cavendish Ventures professionals work together seamlessly and selflessly across funds, industries and geographies to deliver the wisdom, knowledge and resources required to invest wisely and create value for our investors.

We seek to act in a manner consistent with our core values:

Honesty, fairness and the highest ethical standards.

Analytic rigor, open debate and logic-based judgments in our investment process.

Enduring relationships with our investors, management team partners, outside capital sources and service providers.

Teamwork, inclusiveness and consensus decision-making.

Longevity and continuity of our team, attracting and developing talented individuals who contribute to the firm’s performance and culture.

Professional development of our staff and balance in their lives through commitments to family, community service and other outside interests.

Seeking Investment?

Cavendish Ventures is actively seeking for viable investment opportunities in cross industries.

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